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Rank Structure

on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:54 pm
Hello and welcome again to our PMC. We would like to thank you for your services. Through your basic orientation, you will learn more in-depth knowledge of our company. However the case, knowledge is power, and we expect you to familiarize yourself with these basic ranks. Here in this topic, we will discuss the roles, responsibilities and requirements of each rank.
Enlisted Staff:
The definition of Enlisted is forces that have enlisted and are below a Commissioned Officer. They are both Muscle and Reps, although a rep can be many different ranks and often serve as Sergeants.
BE-1: Private (Pvt.)
Privates are the entry level rank given upon successful completion of joining our company. They do not hold any significant leadership roles and are considered minutemen. They function as the backbone of the organization and strive to follow proper uniform procedure and chain of command.
BE-2: Corporal (Cpl.)
Corporals are members who have demonstrated to the company that they will make excellent leaders one day. As such, this position is a position only given to the second in command of a cell. With a cell being comprised of 4 to 8 men, a Sergeant will have his hands full with work his Lt's and Captains assign him, thus the Cpl. will be responsible for most operational aspects while the Sgt. is away. This is a position that is given to a Pvt. upon demonstrating excellence in leadership and battle.
BE-3 Sergeant (Sgt.)
These members have proven themselves worthy of being a leader. Through both leadership and operational excellence, these members are ones that are role models for their units. They lead 4-8 man cells, and work directly under their Platoon leader and their company Captain. They oversee all staff and operations when no Commission Officer is available. All Sergeants will be evaluated by the Colonel or higher before a request for promotion is filed.
Commissioned Officers:
The definition of Commissioned Officers are members who have either a desired skill that the company has a immediate need for, or members who have demonstrated exceptional excellence in leadership, staffing, squad proficiency and operational management.
S-1: Lieutenant (Lt.)
These are the first of the several ranks in Blackwater Leadership, in which unlike being a Sergeant and leading a small squad, a Lt. is tasked with leading a Platoon of 2 to 4 squads and serve as the deputy commander of the Captain. They may issue promotions anywhere from Pvt. to Sgt. if they see excellence in members. They also may issue Kill On Site (KOS) orders on members who are not affiliated with the Company.
S-2: Captain (Cpt.)
These are Officers who have shown excellence in leading their platoon as Lt.'s. They are tasked with leading a Company of men, which contains 2 to 4 Platoons. They also may promote any member from Pvt. to SSGT (Staff Sergeant) or nominate an officer candidate. Each Captain is given two nominations per month.
S-3: Major (Maj.)
These members are members selected by the Colonel of the Company. As such, they are expected to be able to lead without hesitation. They lead Battalions, which are 2 to 3 Companies, and oversee the staffing, training, and operational success of the companies they oversee.
S-4: Lt. Colonel (Lt. Col.)
This is an optional rank, depending on need of either new Majors or new Colonels. They will perform the same tasks as a Major, while at the same time completing their training for their promotion to Colonel.
S-5: Colonel (Col.)
These members are officers who have demonstrated operational excellence and achievement during their time as either a Maj. or a Lt. Col. They are selected by Generals or above and the limit is Approx. 5 for the entirety of Blackwater, however this is the current number and is subject to change. They are tasked with overseeing all operations for all ranks below, as well as staffing, uniforms, officer selection, high priority assignments, etc. They lead Regiments, which are 3 to 8 Battalions. They also serve as Heads of Different Departments.
S-6: General (Gen.)
These are members who are true leaders. They have proven themselves to the highest commander and have demonstrated unquestionable loyalty. They run the show and may oversee operations and higher assignments at their content. They oversee Col.'s they directly oversee. They lead divisions, which are 2 Regiments.
E-*: El Presidente (EP)
This is the leader of Blackwater and can override any and all orders issued from any level of command. This member is called what is there because, well because he kinda fits the description.
Well, this has been your very informative lesson for the day. Please try your hardest to understand and follow these ranks.

Written by:
Colonel KSI American00
1st Regiment of Blackwater
Blackwater Senior Leadership.
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